March 2014

How to estimate a delay cycle for the HCS12

Creating a delay and estimating how much time the delay takes is a straightforward process. I’ll show you how to create a delay routine in assembly, in addition to estimating how much time the routine actually takes.  In order to estimate the delay cycle, we will need to determine the amount of time spent in clock cycles for each instruction inside the delay routine. By obtaining a datasheet for the

AVRISP MKII Tutorial – The setup

So, you finally got a hold of an AVRISP MKII and have no idea what to do next .  Well lucky for you the setup and overall configuration is a lot easier than you might think. This mini tutorial will demonstrate how to flash an AVR chip via the Atmel Studio 6 IDE.  If you do not have Atmel Studio installed you can download the IDE from here. Of note,