June 2018

Saturday morning warm-ups

I’ve collected my fair share of soldering kits but a large majority of them have been sitting in the bin of “good intentions“. If you were to take me at my word, there is always something else that comes up preventing me from pulling out a kit and finishing it (procrastination). Well, I’ve recently joined Boldport and they have some fantastic soldering kits. Oddly enough, I really don’t want to

Make: Electronics Chp3 Experiment 13

Experiment 13 “Roasting an LED” provides more explanation and continued experience with heat. In particular how heat can cause issues or severe damage to sensitive electronic components.  As you know, we just finished an experiment related to soldering; it is only fitting to drive home the point of how destructive heat can be. Overall this is a short but important experiment related to soldering.  The general idea is that you

Make: Electronics Chp3 Experiment 12

Experiment 12 “Joining Two Wires Together” is the introductory step into soldering and also the start of chapter 3. Depending on what you currently have on hand in your lab. In order to move forward, you will need to purchase a few more items both equipment and component wise.  For what it is worth. This experiment is designed to get someone who has not soldered before some experience with the

Make: Electronics Chp2 Experiment 11

Experiment 11 “Light and Sound” is a continuation of Transistors.  The experiment itself is broken up into several phases whereas the first consists of a circuit that flashes an LED on and off for approximately one second. The next phase of the circuit introduces a coupling capacitor which in turn creates a pulsating effecting via the implementation of an RC network. The difference between the two is that the LED

Arduino and Visual Code

Dusting off my blog here…it’s definitely been a while.   Today I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could use the Visual Code with Arduino Sketches. I did, however, run into a couple of hiccups that were easily solvable. For example, the browse path inside c_cpp_properties.json appeared to be incorrect. With the default path, I was unable to resolve any of the methods used in the Arduino libs. By