A couple of completed kits…a few more to go…

When I finally get warmed up and ready to start banging out my Boldport soldering kits. Of course, my Hakko FX888d soldering iron flakes out on me. I definitely wasn’t preparing to buy another soldering station.

After changing out the soldering tip and resetting the device it seems that the iron will no longer hold heat. Ugh. That’s really disappointing as I liked this station a lot. Oh well, looks like I’ll be going back to the tried and true Weller brand.

Anyway, I was able to complete a couple of more Velleman kits over the weekend. I’ll probably knock out another kit or two before I start working on the Boldport stuff. That said, my next experiment in the Make: Electronics book is a soldering project so I have that to do as well.


[wpvideo ZILeyzf1]

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