Make: Electronics – Chp 1 Exercise 1

Exercise one “Taste the Power!” is a nice approach to demystifying electricity for a beginner. In addition to the background information covered, such as the fundamentals of Ohms and how a battery actually works.

One of the first tasks kind of reminded me of a “Hello World” introduction. Those of you that write code know what I mean.  The author asks that you “taste the power” and place the terminals of a 9volt battery to your tongue.  The overall purpose is to demonstrate the effects of resistance of wet and dry surfaces.

There are a couple of additional experiments as well, such as measuring water with and without salt. These simple tasks help to further expand on the idea of resistive properties measured in Ohms. Experiment_One

Overall, considering the target audience for this book.  The first few simple experiments definitely get the mental gears going – preparation for the journey ahead.

Required components:
9volt battery
Snap connector for batter terminals
DMM (Digital MultiMeter)

My DMM measurements:
Wet Tongue – approx. 200k
Dry Tongue – approx. 290k
Water – approx. 550k
Salt Water – approx. 120k

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