Make: Electronics – Chp 2 Exercise 6

Exercise six “Very Simple Switching”.  Looking back to exercise four we covered how to turn electricity into a functional property and lit an LED.  This exercise follows up that concept and is the beginning stages of controlling electrical power via switches.Experiment_Six

Putting together the discrete components is quite simple but can feel a little tedious without using a bread board.  I could imagine that someone who has not done this before may find themselves frustrated; wires popping of the switch connections. Patience grasshopper …. patience.  Also, the beginner will more than likely get their first crack at using wire strippers. My advice. Invest in a high quality pair of wire strippers.Experiment_Six_b

The main emphasis of this exercise is to develop a understanding of  what makes a switch an SPDT or DPST, etc.  More or less understanding the on and off states of the switch types.Experiment_Six_a

Overall, another interesting and high quality exercise. The author continues to do an excellent job providing just the right amount of technical information relative to each exercise.

Required Components:
AA Batteries (4)
Four Battery Carrier
SPDT Toggle Switches
220 Ohm Resistor
Alligator Clips
Wire Cutters

*Note regarding Exercise 5 “Let’s Make a Battery”*.  The exercise requires the reader to attempt the creation of a battery using lemons or lemon juice. Been there, done that, failed each time.  I have never been able to get an LED to light via a lemon. However, the background information found in that section is of high quality and definitely deserves a read through, especially if you are beginner e.g., the nature of electricity, positive and negative charges, etc.

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