Evil Genius: Electronic Circuits

EC 4 Evil Genius: Project 1 – Lesson 12

I finally had some spare cycles this past weekend. This allowed for me to work on 1 of 2 final projects for section one of Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius. Lesson 12 provides the reader with an opportunity to leverage the knowledge and skills gained thus far. Once the circuit for this project is constructed, it creates an automatic night light that dims in the light and brightens in

EC 4 Evil Genius: Lessons 9, 10, & 11

Electronics Circuits for the Evil Genius lessons #9 and #10 cover the operation of both the NPN and PNP transistors. Specifically speaking the NPN-2N3904 and the PNP-2N3906. The lessons demonstrate how each transistor type reacts when voltage is applied to the base of the transistor. The demonstration circuit for lesson #9 reveals how the voltage held in a capacitor is used to power the transistor and subsequently allow the LED to

Review: Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius

 Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius has been on my list to review for a while. So I decided to finally crack it open and see what it was all about. As with most books of the this type, project based. I typically will look for any available ready-made kits, and luckily for me ABRA Electronics already had one made. The bonus of these kits is simply that of saving