Game Reviews

Review of Shank (Demo) by Klei Entertainment

When I first saw the concept art for Shank a little over a year ago, the natural artist in me was instantly drawn to the game.  I’ve been drawing way before I was able to put words together, of which were nowhere near understandable by humans at the time.  Obviously, the look and feel of the artwork was definitely the item that kept me coming back and peeking into the window.

Review of Warhammer 40000: Space Marine – Demo

Considering this is the holiday weekend, Labor Day. I decided to dust of my Steam account and check out some games I’ve been meaning to play, demo, and buy. While wading through the typical advertisements, one game in particular caught my eye, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine. There I was with a slight grin and fiendishly looking for the download demo button. Twenty plus minutes later, I fired up the game to give